Bring your conductor's hat and hop on our mini-train. It's got all the bells and whistles you'd expect for an old choo-choo. A group photo on the train is the perfect way to remember your day. Just ask a Zookeeper to arrange this for you.

Our horses and ponies are hand-led down a trail. Since many of our riders are first timers, our experienced handlers are especially careful. Saddles and riding gear is inspected daily and are equipped with safety belts.


Party like it's 1849!

Back in the days of the California Gold Rush, prospectors sifted through piles of sand to find hidden treasures.  Now at ZOOMARS' new Miner's Gulch, kids can experience the same thrill that the early settlers once did by panning for gemstones, fossils and gold.

Panning is fun for the whole family.  Educational too, at any age.  Miner's sift their sand (called rough) using a screened panning tray.  As the dirt washes away, beautiful treasures are revealed.  Fabulous finds include emeralds, rubies, crystals, shark's teeth, arrowheads, dinosaur bones, even Fool's Gold!
This panning activity is an exciting experience for all and the treasure bags make a great PARTY FAVOR for those celebrating a birthday here.